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Second Woman Accuses Pelosi-Backed Democrat Ruben Kihuen Of Sexual Harassment

The Democratic Congressman that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi supported — despite allegedly knowing of sexual misconduct allegations made against him — is now facing another allegation of making repeated unwanted sexual advances toward a female lobbyist.

The second woman accusing Rep. Ruben Kihuen (D-NV) of sexual misconduct did so on the condition of anonymity over fears that she could be retaliated against, The Nevada Independent reported.

The woman told the local news outlet that “Kihuen touched her thighs or buttocks on three separate occasions without her consent.” She alleges that she consistently rejected his sexual advances as they progressed through multiple channels of communication, including in person, texting, and Facebook.

The woman also revealed, “hundreds of suggestive text messages” that she allowed The Independent “to transcribe the contents of” but not “publish the screenshots of the exchanges,” citing privacy concerns. The text messages featured below she claims were sent to her from Kihuen (the text messages contained emojis that could not be displayed):

  • “What color are your panties?”…“My day can’t go on without knowing.”
  • “[kissing heart emoji] How was your weekend?”
  • “You should come sit on my lap,” followed up by “I have more cushion than those seats.”
  • “You’re absolutely beautiful and unbelievably sexy.”
  • “Love your dress [smiling face with heart eyes].”
  • “You looked so beautiful tonight…irresistible.”
  • “So beautiful.”
  • “You look fabulous in black [smiling face with heart eyes]”
  • “But I’m sure you look even better naked.”

In 2015, Kihuen supposedly texted her, acknowledging that he knew his behavior was inappropriate and could cause problems for his political career.

“I apologize…Can’t talk to you like this anymore,” Kihuen texted her. “I’m officially a congressional candidate again.”

The woman also claims that he asked her at least six times in the span of only a few months to come over to her place to spend the night with her.

Kihuen told ABC News at the beginning of December that Pelosi knew of some of the sexual misconduct allegations against him last year when he was campaigning but decided to campaign with him anyhow.


Democrat Rep. Ruben Kihuen says Nancy Pelosi knew about the sexual allegations against him last year and decided to campaign for him anyway.

— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) December 6, 2017