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Second Amendment Champion Dana Loesch Reveals Terrifying Threats Forcing Her To Leave Her Home

In a series of tweets Sunday evening, author Dana Loesch, the talk radio and television host for The Blaze who is also an outspoken spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association, revealed she, her husband, and their children have been forced to move because of terrifying threats against her from gun control zealots.

Loesch spoke out in reference to the #MeToo hashtag that has exploded since the revelations surrounding Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual abuse of women, prompting myriad women to come forth with stories of being abused by men in one form or another.

Loesch revealed one gun control advocate had threatened to shoot her in her front yard; another had posted on social media photos of her house and threatened to rape her to death; while a third had warned he would hunt her down and assault her, also threatening her children. She kept silent about other threats she had received, only saying she could not discuss them.

Loesch also pointed out that many of the same women who have come forth to denounce Weinstein have stood silent as conservative women who stand tall for the Second Amendment have been viciously attacked on social media, tweeting:

The culture is only non-conservative women deserve respect. It’s idiotic, demonstrated daily, and deserving of more than 140 chars. … If “inequality” was truly a concern for modern feminists, they’d defend, not shame, women for making choices antithetical 2 progressivism. … But they sold out by tying their cause to party & don’t defend conserv women as strategy. Some sexism is ok if it silences conservatives. … Feminism should’ve defended women, regardless of party. Let ideas battle it out in the public sphere, but everyone speaks.

Loesch’s thread of tweets is below:

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