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Seattle Turns Crosswalks Into Political Statements

By  Chase Stephens

Seattle is known as The Emerald City with a motto that reads, “The City of Goodwill” —and frankly nothing causes more goodwill and unity then using tax dollars to repaint perfectly good crosswalks with themes that reflect the “cultural heritage” of some of the people who live in each neighborhood. Yeah, that’s way more important than fixing potholes.

Seattle began installing a crosswalk with Pan-African colors in the Central District in March. Now, it’s working on 10 more “diversity”-celebrating sidewalks in the neighborhood.

“The first crosswalk was installed at 23rd Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Way. It is striped with black, green and red — the Pan-African colors,” explains “Throughout June, the Seattle Department of Transportation plans to install the new crosswalks, but will first remodel the already painted walkway from March. While the original design had colored lines similar to regular crosswalks, the new ones will have solid colors laterally crossing the street.”

Here is the pattern the City of Seattle is using for its crosswalk decorations:

The move to paint crosswalks according to MNW, began when locals on Capitol Hill redesigned their crosswalks with rainbow colors in recognition of the area’s LGBTQ community.

Each crosswalk will be painted according to the neighborhood’s “unique characteristics” at a cost of $6000 each, totaling $66,000 for all 11 that are scheduled.

Exit suggestion for a crosswalk:

“Out of many, one.”

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