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Sean Spicer Survives ANOTHER Week On ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ Mainstream Media Hardest Hit

By  Emily Zanotti
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 14: Lindsay Arnold and Sean Spicer pose at "Dancing with the Stars" Season 28 at CBS Television City on October 14, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)
Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer survived yet another week on the celebrity ballroom dancing competition show, “Dancing with the Stars,” triggering yet another leftist meltdown on social media — and this time, mainstream media, including CNN and the New York Times, joined in in an effort to explain the phenomenon.

Spicer is notoriously untalented, and has continually surprised the show’s judges and hosts with his staying power, which most watchers attribute to fans of President Donald Trump, who are voting to keep Spicer on the show, even if they aren’t actually watching him dance. ”

The President himself encouraged his supporters to vote for Spicer on Monday night, calling Spicer  “a great and very loyal guy who is working very hard.”

“Dancing with the Stars” does not release its voting data, so there is no way to confirm the theory that Trump supporters are voting for Spicer in droves, but leftists are certainly convinced of it, especially this week, when Spicer and his professional dancer partner scored so high with the audience that they weren’t in any danger of being let go.

CNN’s Brian Stetler was the first mainstream media stalwart to notice the problem.

But it was the New York Times that really dug in on the issue, re-assigning one of its dance critics from handling a busy season of ballet premieres and Nutcracker performances to assess Spicer’s footwork.

“No, Sean Spicer can’t dance,” Gia Kourlas moaned in the NYT’s pages. “Spicer’s staying power has little to do with his performances. Over the past eight weeks, he has been the weakest dancer on the show. His low scores from the judges have borne that out.”

Kourlas did notice, however, that Spicer’s dishonesty showed through his performance. He came across “untruthful,” Kouras said, because his footwork revealed “his soul’s weather” (apparently stormy).

“He hides behind an egregious smile, parting his teeth to make it look as though he’s been caught mid-laugh. That smile seems meant to distract from his plan of attack: never actually performing a dance, but conquering it,” she wrote. She went on to sob that Spicer’s dancing is “militaristic,” which betrays the former White House press secretary’s “cold brutality.”

Last week, the Daily Wire noted that leftists were particularly aggrieved by Spicer’s continued presence on the show, and the trend has continued. Now, higher profile leftists are weighing in, expressing their deep, yet ironic, desire to do away with the popular vote on a basic cable television reality show simply because a Trump Administration official is proving difficult to kick off.

“Few things illustrate the absolute death cult that is Trump’s hardcore superfans as perfectly as tens of thousands of people watching Sean Spicer dance extremely poorly and then voting that he was actually the best, anyway, because MAGA or something,” bemoaned feminist Parker Malloy.

“I’m not going to Tweet any photos or add snarky comments about the fact that Sean Spicer is on . I’ll just add that this is all just demented. He shouldn’t be on a TV show getting more attention & making money. He should probably be in jail — or in some way held accountable,” according to left-leaning radio talk show host Paul Rieckhoff.

At least someone is feeling good about the situation, though. Right-leaning social media denizens — even many who aren’t supporters of President Trump — seem to be enjoying the collective meltdown.

Sean Spicer lives to dance on “Dancing with the Stars” again next week. He’ll appear on the competition program Monday at 8EST/7CST.

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