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SCHOW On FOX: It’s ‘Shameful’ To Attack Due Process, Presumption Of Innocence

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After a Huffington Post writer called Sen. Susan Collins’ floor speech defending her vote to confirm then-Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh “shameful,” Daily Wire Senior Editor Ashe Schow went on Fox News to defend the senator and her speech.

Filling in for Martha MacCallum on “The Story,” host Ed Henry told Schow he thought the #MeToo movement was about strong women who speak up, or, in the case of Collins, a woman who votes her conscience, to which Schow replied:

That’s what ultimately you would think would be the movement, but as we have learned, since it has come to the fruition, you have to toe the liberal line. You can’t just simply be a woman, you must be a liberal woman. So now Collins is getting attacked for this. What she is essentially getting attacked for is standing up for due process and evidence and the presumption of innocence. Basic tenets of our justice system.

Henry then quoted a section from the HuffPo article claiming Collins used “debunked science” to make her case. Schow briefly laid out some of the problems with the “science” behind the current sexual assault panic (more about that can be read here):

The debunked science, I don’t even know what she is referring to because most of the statistics revolving around today’s current sexual assault ‘epidemic’ as we are told there is one, that is junk science. It is self-reported surveys that broaden the definition of sexual assault, so that pretty much anyone is a victim. There are all kinds of problems with the studies.

The bigger issue here is attacking Susan Collins for standing up for due process. When you go after someone for that, you’re basically saying that due process is the enemy of justice in this country. Christine blasey Ford wasn’t served well by the way all these allegations came about either. Here is a woman who something may have happened to her, she might be misremembering things, and these allegations thrust her into a position that she didn’t initially want. Due process and an actual investigation, handled the correct way, could have saved a lot of people a lot of problems.

Henry brought up the threatening phone calls and harassment Collins received prior to her Kavanaugh vote and after. Schow said the real shame was the people who are condemning Collins for her vote and for sending those threats:

It is not shameful that Susan Collins stood up for due process and the presumption of innocence. What’s shameful are the people that are condemning her for doing so. For speaking her mind. For being strong. For giving [her] those phone calls.

You can watch the full segment below:

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