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School Band Won’t Use Music From White Composers

NPR reported on a Minnesota high school band’s decision to not use music from white composers.

“We made a commitment this year to only buy music from composers of color,” said Brian Lukkasson, one of two Spring Lake Park High School band directors.

Nora Tycast, the other band director, pushed the narrative of an ongoing “conversation” among high school students to advance neo-Marxist racial narratives: “The more you practice talking about race and culture and ethnicity, the more comfortable you are. And we have this platform in ninth.”

Yolanda Williams, a professor of “Afro-American and African Studies” at the University of Minnesota, told NPR that “composers of color and women” are somehow broadly discriminated against in the field of big band composition. No explanation or evidence was provided.

Kia Muleta, a black junior who plays clarinet in the school’s band, hyped black victimhood in the realm of big band music composition: “There’s a kind of, like, ideological segregation of who can and can not be in band based on who the composers are and what the music’s like and what the experiences of those composers are like.”

Listen to the clip below.

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