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Scarborough: Cruz Must Endorse Trump, But I’ll Never Vote For Him

Despite declaring that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) political future depends on his eventual endorsement of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, MSNBC Republican Joe Scarborough claimed today that supporting the New York City billionaire is a bridge too far for himself. On Thursday, the Morning Joe host said he could not get behind Trump given the Republican front-runner’s proposal to temporarily ban foreign Muslims from entering the country as visitors or immigrants.

“I’m never gonna vote for a guy that is saying he’s going to ban somebody just because of the god they worship. He’s gotta make that turn fast,” said Scarborough. “That’s a loser, it’s a loser with the majority of Americans.”

Scarborough added that Trump is “gonna lose big time” if he does not quickly begin to reverse the negative perceptions of Hispanics and women.

On Wednesday, however, Scarborough declared that Cruz must endorse Trump’s presidential bid in order to have any meaningful future within the the Republican Party.

“I don’t people are, like, turning to Ted Cruz for advice on where to go. Doubt it,’ said newsreader and left-wing Democrat Mika Brzezinski.

“Unlike Marco Rubio, we know Ted Cruz has a future in politics. In Republican politics. Ted Cruz is gonna be around in politics,” said Scarborough, asserting that the “conservative/populist” wing of

Ted Cruz is gonna have to come around at some point. If he wants any future in Republican politics. You can’t piss off 60 percent of the Republican vote in primaries. You just can’t, if you want any future in Republican politics,” said Scarborough.

Left-wing Republican Nicolle Wallace surmised that social conservatism had been dealt a serious blow with Trump’s nomination, given the real estate mogul’s tenuous connection to the movement opposing abortion.

Scarborough added that a successful Republican presidential candidate must unify the varying strands of its base, from “conservative/populists” he described as fans of Rush Limbaugh to “Washington conservatives” who appreciate The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page.

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