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Saving Americans Their Time: Shapiro Sums Up Democratic Debate In 9 Tweets

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Democratic Debate
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On Friday morning, Daily Wire Editor-In-Chief Ben Shapiro issued a series of succinct tweets saving Americans the time of reviewing what the roster of Democratic candidates blathered about at the Democratic presidential debate on Thursday night.

Shapiro started with the candidates’ positions on health care, writing, “Summary of last night’s debate, from a policy perspective: 1. Health care: We’re going to take away your private insurance and raise middle class taxes to do it. Or, alternatively, we’re just going to do that gradually.”

He segued to education: “Education: We’re going to throw money at our favorite supporters in the teachers’ unions. Also, record players.”

Then, racism: “Racism: Beto: America is garbage. Harris: So is Trump. Buttigieg: Also, you’re garbage.”

A brief explanation of the Democrats position on gun control: “Gun Control: We’re here to take your guns.”

How Democrats feel about immigration: “Immigration: Open borders for all! Except Biden.”

An example of Democrats shockingly agreeing with Trump, albeit tacitly: “China: Trump is basically right, but we can’t say so.”

Other foreign policy: “Afghanistan: Let’s pull out all troops from Afghanistan without any plan. Also, DIPLOMACY!”

The Democrats’ favorite issue: “Climate Change: We’re all going to die. So give us your money.”

And finally, a unique proposal from one candidate: “Yang: Let’s just skip all this s***. Here’s some free money.”

To substantiate the above:

1. Health care: When moderator George Stephanopoulos asked Sen. Elizabeth Warren bluntly, “Will middle-class taxes go up? Will private insurance be eliminated?”, Warren evaded the questions. When Sen. Bernie Sanders would not answer whether taxes would be raised by his health care plan, former vice-president Joe Biden leaped in and said, “If you notice, he hasn’t answered the question. This is about candor, honesty, big ideas. Let’s have a big idea. The tax of 2 percent that the senator is talking about, that raises about $3 billion. Guess what? That leaves you $28 billion short … the middle class person, someone making 60 grand with three kids, they’re going to end up paying $5,000 more. They’re going to end up paying 4 percent more on their income tax. That’s a reality.”

2. Education: Warren: “I have proposed a two-cent wealth tax on the top one-tenth of one percent in this country. That would give us enough money to start with our babies by providing universal child care for every baby age zero to five, universal pre-K for every three-year-old and four-year-old in this country…” Biden: “I propose that what we take is those very poor schools, the Title I schools, triple the amount of money we spend from 15 to $45 billion a year. Give every single teacher a raise, the equal raise to getting out — the $60,000 level … Play the radio, make sure the television — excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night, the — the — make sure that kids hear words.”

3. Racism + Trump + garbage: O’Rourke: ” … when we finally confront the racism that exists in America, when we’re defined not by our fears, but instead by our aspirations and our ambitions …” Sen. Kamala Harris: “So, President Trump, you’ve spent the last two-and-a-half years full time trying to sow hate and division among us, and that is why we’ve gotten nothing done. You have used hate, intimidation, fear, and over 12,000 lies as a way to distract from your failed policies and your broken promises.” Buttigieg: “… systemic racism preceded this president, and even when we defeat him, it will be with us.”

4. Gun control: see here.

5. Immigration: As The Washington Post has noted, Sen. Cory Booker, Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro, Harris, Sanders, Warren, and Andrew Yang “have pushed for a repeal of the criminal statute for entering the country without permission.” Biden differs.

6. China: Yang admitted regarding Trump’s tariffs on China, “I would not repeal the tariffs on day one…” Buttigieg: “I would have a strategy that would include the tariffs as leverage, but it’s not about the tariffs.”

7. Afghanistan: Warren: “We need to bring our troops home … It means expanding our diplomatic efforts …” Biden: “We don’t need those troops there. I would bring them home.” Sanders: “I think that what we have got to do is bring this world together — bring it together on climate change, bring it together in fighting against terrorism.”

8. Climate Change: Sanders: “But what I would support, absolutely, is passing major legislation, the gun legislation the people here are talking about, Medicare-for-all, climate change legislation that saves the planet.” O’Rourke: “We will follow through, regardless of the political consequences or who it offends, because this is the very future of our planet and our ability for our children and grandchildren to be able to survive on it. We will make sure that we get to net zero greenhouse gas emissions no later than the year 2050. That we are halfway there by 2030. That we mobilize $5 trillion over the next 10 years to do that.”

9. Yang: “I’m going to do something unprecedented tonight. My campaign will now give a freedom dividend of $1,000 a month for an entire year to 10 American families, someone watching this at home right now.”

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