‘Saturday Night Live’ Alum Says He’s ‘100 Percent Not’ Political After Being Slammed For Questioning COVID ‘Puppet Masters’

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Saturday Night Live” alum Jim Breuer said he’s “100 percent not” political after being slammed for questioning what he called the COVID “puppet masters” when it comes to the vaccine.

During the 55-year-old comedian’s recent appearance on “The Glenn Beck” podcast, the host asked Breuer about the “kind of price” he’s paid for being called political, according to The Blaze.

“What blows my mind is how many people say, ‘Oh, you’re political now,’” Breuer explained. “I ask them, what part is political? First, I’m talking about you trying to stick a needle in me. Is that political or did you get conned and brainwashed to think it’s political?”


“When is medicine political?” he added, noting how he’s been labeled a “conspiracy theorist” because he questioned the efficacy of the vaccine. “I’m not. I’m 100% not [political],” Breuer said.

“When COVID kicked in, I said, ‘You know what? All bets are off,’” Breuer continued. “I already knew I wasn’t in control. But now, not only am I not in control from the natural order of life, but now the puppet masters that are in control just let us all know, ‘You know, we’ll decide when you can do things and what you have to do to go back to your natural pleasures.’”

The stand-up comedian said it all made him realize there’s no longer “time to worry about what people think of me.”

“I know where I’m at in life,” Breuer shared. “I know where I’m at spiritually. I know where I’m at with my family. I know where I’m at in life.”

Beck replied that having such a realization has “tremendous power” and said it “spooks the hell out of people.”

“But it shouldn’t!” the comedian exclaimed. “I’m excited that other people get this … they’re stuck. We ain’t got time for stuck. To me, this is the time of, ‘You gotta rise.’ For years and years and years, you allow fear to control your life. Fear of dying. Fear of I might get sick … everything’s based out of fear. It’s time for the fearless. It’s time for the fearless.”

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