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WATCH: Sarsour Berates White Student For Quoting Her Tweet Saying Women Who Disagree Shouldn’t Have Vaginas

By  Hank Berrien

On May 12 at Dartmouth College, a young white male student confronted Linda Sarsour, the leader of the Women’s March and a rabid Israel-hater, about her malevolent 2011 tweet in which she referenced female genital mutilation survivor Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Brigitte Gabriel, an Arab Christian who strongly supports Israel, both of whom have openly criticized Islam.

Sarsour’s 2011 tweet looked like this:

The young man confronted Sarsour:

Hi. So, um, this question is really important because I believe that women’s rights are also human rights. So I really want to know: under what circumstances it’s acceptable to say that “I wish I could take their vaginas away. They don’t deserve to be women.” Just to give that context, that’s one of the tweets off your Twitter.

There was a long pause while Sarsour decided how to mitigate the effect of the truth being thrown at her. She finally responded by evading the question:

So, let’s give some context here, because, y’know, we have — Uh, this is an event organized by an Asian American, right? Let’s just get — let’s get some context to what is going on here. Celebrating a community, right? Talking about communities of color who are being directly impacted by this moment and I have a young white man in the back who is not directly impacted by any of the issues I mentioned.

That elicited applause from the supine audience, which apparently didn’t care about the massive hypocrisy of a woman posing as a fighter for women’s rights who had called for literally ripping away the vaginas of women that she hated.

Sarsour continued by astonishingly claiming she never issued the tweet: “A copy and paste that he got from a right-wing blog. He doesn’t even know if it actually came from my Twitter account because he has a screenshot of it. He never actually went to my Twitter to see if it’s actually there. Right? That never happened. ”

The audacity of Sarsour claiming she never sent the tweet and acting like tweets couldn’t be deleted is beyond comment.

She went on, “But let me just say this to you: You’re college students, I was in my twenties, when was that, 2011?”

Sarsour initially referenced the actual date of the tweet, which the young man hadn’t mentioned. But then she quickly backtracked, suddenly getting fuzzy about when the tweet was issued, while giving herself an out in case people still believed she sent the tweet:

People say stupid shit sometimes, right? I will be judged by my impeccable track record for black lives and immigrants rights and women’s rights and LGBT rights, you judge me by that record and not by some tweet that you think I did or did not tweet ten years ago or seven years ago or whenever it was. So that’s my answer to your question. Next.

Just for the record, Hirsi Ali was genitally mutilated as a five-year-old child in Somalia. Gabriel and her parents lived underground for seven years in an 8-by-10 foot bomb shelter during the Lebanese Civil War. Gabriel has stated that she had to crawl in a roadside ditch to a spring for water in order to evade Muslim snipers. She said later that in 1978 a stranger warned her family that the Islamic militias were intending to attack all Christians, but her life was saved when the Israeli army invaded Lebanon. Her mother was seriously injured and taken to an Israeli hospital, where Gabriel saw the Israelis “providing medical treatment to Palestinian and Muslim gunmen. …These Palestinians and Muslims were sworn, mortal enemies, dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of Jews. Yet, Israeli doctors and nurses worked feverishly to save their lives. Each patient was treated solely according to the nature of his or her injury.”

Video of Sarsour below:

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