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Sarsour: I Was An ‘Ordinary White Girl’ ‘Til I Put On A Hijab

Linda Sarsour’s status as a “person of color” is contingent on her wearing a hijab (an Islamic headscarf for females), according to her own self-description in a video segment excerpted by Elder of Zion:

When I wasn’t wearing a hijab I was just some ordinary white girl from New York City. Wearing hijab made you know that I was Muslim.

Watch the video below.

The original video was published by Vox. Watch it below.

If defining “whiteness” by skin color, Sarsour qualifies as a fair-skinned person.

Sarsour regularly describes herself as a “person of color”; a term deployed by theLleft to refer to non-whites. She regularly describes “white supremacy” as a pervasive social force and political attitude among Americans, framing “people of color” as broadly marginalized through a neo-Marxist sociological paradigm.

As Hurricane Harvey descended on coastal Texas, Sarsour solicited donations for left-wing political agitation under the guise of a charitable endeavor.

Sarsour was recognized by the Obama administration as a “Champion of Change”:

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H/T Elder of Zion.

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