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Sarah Silverman Saw A Swastika On The Sidewalk. There Was One Big Problem. It Wasn’t A Swastika.

Feminist comedian Sarah Silverman has become the laughing stock of social media. Fueled by the opiate of anti-Trump hysteria, Silverman took to Twitter to post her outrage over orange-colored symbols on a road. She insisted that the symbols were swastikas and proceeded to mock “neo nazis” for failing to draw the hate art properly.

“Walking to get coffee saw these all over a sidewalk in the town I’m in. Is this an attempt at swastikas? Do neo nazis not have google?” she tweeted, adding an image of supposed Nazi “swastikas.”

There’s only one big problem with the image she posted. Those aren’t swastikas. They’re a pair of neon orange markings used by construction workers to mark the location of wires and pipes. These utility markings are quite common. They can be seen on streets and roads from coast to coast.

It takes a certain kind of stupid to confuse neon orange construction marks with the most reviled symbol in human history. But alas, the Left’s anti-Trump fear-mongering knows no bounds. Fear and paranoia appear to have infected the minds of activists and actors from Hollywood to Manhattan.

Silverman’s egregious mistake was quickly recognized by markedly more rational everyday Americans almost instantly.

Here are some of the Twitterverse’s best reactions: