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Sarah Sanders Smashes Dems’ Investigation Of Trump: They’re Terrified Their Narrative Is Falling Apart

On Monday night, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders issued a blistering statement regarding the enormous investigation Democrats launched earlier in the day to look into allegations of obstruction of justice and corruption by President Trump. Sanders blasted the investigation as a “fishing expedition” on which the Democrats embarked because they were terrified that their narrative of Trump colluding with Russia was falling apart, and also because they wanted to distract the public from their radical agenda, including endorsement of infanticide and a green new deal that would bankrupt America.

Sanders started by referring to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY):

Today, Chairman Nadler opened up a disgraceful and abusive investigation into tired, false allegations already investigated by the Special Counsel and committees in both Chambers of Congress. Chairman Nadler and his fellow Democrats have embarked on this fishing expedition because they are terrified that their two-year false narrative of “Russia collusion” is crumbling. Their intimidation and abuse of American citizens is shameful. Democrats are harassing the President to distract from their radical agenda of making America a socialist country, killing babies after they’re born, and pushing a “green new deal’” that would destroy jobs and bankrupt America.

Sanders followed by asserting that the Democrats didn’t seek the truth, but simply wanted to destroy President Trump:

The American people deserve a Congress that works with the President to address serious issues like immigration, healthcare and infrastructure. The Democrats are more interested in pathetic political games and catering to a radical, leftist base than on producing results for our citizens. The Democrats are not after the truth, they are after the President.

ABC News reported of the Judiciary Committee, now run by Democrats, “The panel sent more than 80 document requests to different individuals and entities in and associated with the Trump administration, Trump Organization and family’s business empire, campaign and inaugural efforts.”

The Washington Times detailed some of the targets of the Judiciary Committee’s investigation: “Among the targets are the White House, the president’s children, figures from the 2016 campaign, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and the president’s business empire. Mr. Nadler even sought to reach into the grave, asking the estate of late Republican banker Peter W. Smith to pony up answers.”

Nadler’s radical partisanship has been on display for decades; in 1998, during the discussion over whether to impeach former President Bill Clinton for lying under oath, Nadler stridently defended Clinton, who was impeached by the House, saying, “Perjury is a serious crime and, if provable, should be prosecuted in a court of law. But it may or may not involve the president’s duties and performance in office. Perjury on a private matter, perjury regarding sex, is not a great and dangerous offense against the Nation. It is not an abuse of uniquely presidential power. It does not threaten our form of government. It is not an impeachable offense.” Most notably, he added, “This is clearly a partisan railroad job.”

Nadler also politicized the 9/11 attacks in order to attack former President George W. Bush, saying, “Certainly if the White House had knowledge that there was a danger or an intent to hijack an American airplane and did not warn the airlines, that would be nonfeasance in office of the highest order. That would make the president bear a large amount of responsibility for the tragedy that occurred.”

Yet on Sunday, appearing on “This Week,” Nadler stated of President Trump, “We don’t have the facts yet. But we’re going to initiate proper investigations … there can be crimes that are impeachable offenses and impeachable offenses that are not crimes.”

Asked about the investigations on Monday, Trump responded, “I cooperate all the time with everybody. And you know the beautiful thing: no collusion. It is all a hoax. You’re going to learn about that as you get older. It’s a political hoax, there’s no collusion.”