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Sand Sculpture Mocks Gov. Christie’s Disastrous Beach Outing

By  Joseph Curl

Hey, Gov. Chris Christie, how was your holiday weekend?

Ooh. Sorry we asked.

Christie made headlines over the Independence Day weekend for all the wrong reasons. He supported a government shutdown — which meant state parks, including some public beaches, were closed. Then Christie weekended at the governor’s seaside mansion and was photographed chilling on the beach with family and friends — a very closed beach.

And then, Christie made it all worse. Confronted with photos showing he had lied to reporters about going to the beach — Christie had said he hadn’t “had any sun” that day — the governor sent a spokesman out to clarify by saying the governor “did not get any sun — he had a baseball hat on.” Wow. That’s a bad weekend.

And, as these things do, it all got worse. The media rightly slammed Christie, who got indignant, saying critics could have enjoyed the day at the beach if they were governor. And then the whole debacle was recreated — in sand art, as NBC reported.

A giant sand sculpture of Gov. Chris Christie lounging in a chair has appeared on the Jersey Shore after a government shutdown closed state beaches and parks for much of the Fourth of July weekend.

The sculpture was built on a Seaside Heights beach Tuesday, the same day Christie signed his final budget following the bruising three-day state government shutdown that included a viral photo of him lounging on a state beach that was closed to the public because of a budget impasse.

Lifeguards said the sculptors behind the piece of art, whose names are only know as Larry and Tom, began their work at 9 a.m. Tuesday and finished by 1 p.m.

The lifeguards said that the same two sculptors come to this corner of Seaside Heights every year with their families to make a sand sculpture. Last year, the sculpture honored Sept. 11 victims on the 15-year anniversary of the attacks.

The sculpture had a sign on one side reading “BEACH CLOSED.”

It all might not matter much. Christie is a lame duck and his approval rating is already about as low you can go — 15%.

But his political future does not look nearly as bright as it did in 2012, when Republicans all but begged him to run. He faded fast in 2016 — and now, he could well be, well, beached.

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