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Sabo Crashes Democrat Fundraiser With Hilarious Poster Campaign

Two of Hillary Clinton’s celebrity-themed campaign fundraisers were in for some surprises courtesy of political artist Sabo AKA UnsavoryAgents. Christina Aguilera and Rob Reiner hosted fundraising events at their homes over the past two days. CNN reports that attendees are asked to pay $10,000 for four tickets to the Aguilera-hosted event.

Last quarter, Clinton raised $28 million.

This past August, celebrities including Kanyea West, Kim Kardashian, Tom Hanks, Usher, Jessica Alba, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande attended a fundraiser for Clinton in Los Angeles.

Take a look at some of the ten flying monkeys hung outside of Rob Reiner’s home.

And another colorful poster: