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Rutgers Prof Publishes Anti-Semitic Vitriol Reminiscent Of Nazi Era

A Rutgers University microbiology professor has published some of the most evil, malignant social media posts reeking of poisonous anti-Semitism since the days of the Nazi era.

Michael Chikindas, who also serves as director of the school’s Center for Digestive Health, has charged the Jewish people with responsibility for the Armenian genocide, termed Judaism as “the most racist religion in the world,” and sniped that Israel is a “terrorist country.”

On his Facebook page last May, Chikindas promoted dozens of supposed Jewish conspiracies, with references to “international fat Jewish pockets,” as well as saying “orthodox Judaism” and Zionism are “the best of two forms of racism.”

To see the vitriol displayed by Chikindas, see here.

Chikindas claimed, “Israel is the terrorist country aimed at genocidal extermination of the land’s native population, Palestinians,” and added: “we must not forget that the Armenian Genocide was orchestrated by the Turkish Jews who pretended to be the Turks.” He argued that Israel was failing in this attempted “extermination” of Palestinians mainly “because of the number of the Jews of ‘alternative’ sexual orientation (25% of the Tel Aviv inhabitants are gay/lesbians and Israel has more of these than the Netherlands).”

Chikindas was part of an interview with Christopher Bollyn, who has claimed American Jews and Israel orchestrated the 9/11 attacks.

Chikindas’ Facebook timeline includes various classic anti-Semitic libels. As The Algemeiner reported, they included:

a graphic suggesting Jews — portrayed by the Happy Merchant, a caricature of a hook-nosed Jewish male with a kippah — control the Federal Reserve, Hollywood, the “cancer industry,” “pornography,” “wars for Israel,” and “sex-trafficking,” among other things. Another image featured the Jewish caricature — representing Israel — being carried by American soldiers and saying, “I am God’s chosen people, you filthy goyim.” A third cartoon showed a Jewish man with a large, hooked nose and a yellow “Jude” star on his suit jacket stealing money from a hungry American boy, and exclaiming, “be a patriot, goy! Somebody’s got to pay 10 billion to Israel.”

Chikindas also wrote, “These jewish motherf*****s do not control me. They can go and f**k each other in their fat a***s — you see, I really do not have anything to loose (sic), hence nothing to be controlled.”

Neal Buccino, a spokesperson for Rutgers, told The Algemeiner, “Professor Michael Chikindas’ comments and posts on social media are antithetical to our university’s principles and values of respect for people of all backgrounds, including, among other groups, our large and vibrant Jewish community. Such comments do not represent the position of the University. … The university is reviewing this matter to determine if actions taken in the context of his role as a faculty member at Rutgers may have violated that policy.”

Rutgers features some of the most anti-Semitic professors in the country; Jasbir Puar, an associate professor of women’s and gender studies at Rutgers, spoke at Vassar College in 2016, alleging that the bodies of “young Palestinian men … were mined for organs for scientific research,” according to a transcript from the Vassar alumni group Fairness To Israel. She also claimed Israel’s actions could be called a “genocide in slow motion.”

Mark G. Yudof, former president of the University of California and current chairman of the Academic Engagement Network (AEN), and Kenneth Waltzer, executive director of AEN, wrote, “Wild charges against Israel have often been aired on U.S. campuses over the past several years, and their moral perversity pointed out. But Ms. Puar’s calumnies reached a new low.”

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