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Rupert Murdoch’s Ex-Wife Is Puttin’ It To Putin

Rupert Murdoch, the 85-year-old billionaire CEO of News Corp, divorced his wife, businesswoman Wendi Deng, in 2013 “after he reportedly grew suspicious of her relationship with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair,” according to some reports. Murdoch has since gone on to marry 80’s supermodel and Mick Jagger-ex, Jerry Hall.

Deng has also moved on to find a new powerful man, but this time in mother Russia. Us Magazine reports that the “rumor circulating around the corridors of power” is that Russian president Vladimir Putin is dating the 47 year-old mother of two, and things are apparently, “serious.”

Putin, 63, divorced his wife Lyudmila Putina in April of 2014 after 30 years of marriage and raising two daughters, Maria, 30, and Yekaterina, 29.

Deng has yet to be spotted looking romantic with the Russian leader, but was seen boarding her pal Roman Abramovich’s yacht in St. Bart’s on Monday, March 28. Abramovich also happens to be friends with Putin. (According to the Daily Mail, the billionaire Chelsea Football Club owner reportedly gifted the president with a $35 million yacht in January.)

Vanity Fair points out that though the Russian president claims a humble salary for his leadership position, his actual wealth will more than suffice for what Deng is accustomed.

The size of his fortune, like much about the man, is largely shrouded in mystery; the Russian president has contended he makes $100,000 a year, while a former fund manager in Russia put his estimated net worth at $200 billion, which would make him the richest person in the world. The 58 aircraft, 700 automobiles, the palaces, the $1,500 sweat pants Putin reportedly has at his disposal could use a woman’s touch, and who better suited than Deng, who has made a life out of giving just that to her beloveds’ expensive toys.

Exit thought from Putin on how to cold open…