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Roseanne Barr Reveals How Her ‘Conners’ Character Will Be Killed Off

By  Joseph Curl

Boy, ABC really wants Roseanne Barr dead — figuratively speaking.

Barr was fired by the network in May and her hit show “Roseanne” abruptly canceled after she posted a racist tweet on Twitter in which she said Valerie Jarrett, a former aide to President Barack Obama, looks as if the “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby.”

After the show’s demise, talk began about a spinoff show starring the entire cast, minus Barr, featuring her family and titled “The Conners.”

Now, Barr has revealed how her character disappears. She told Brandon Straka on his YouTube show “Walk Away,” that the writers of “The Conners” will have her die by overdosing on opioids.

“Oh ya, they killed her,” she said. “They have her die of an opioid overdose.”

Barr said she’s not happy with the way she’ll be written out of the show.

“So it wasn’t enough to just do what they did to me. They had to so cruelly insult the people who loved that family and that show,” she said. “They had to cruelly insult them, and that’s what they chose to do. So there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s done. It’s over. There’s no fight left.”

But Barr is resigned to her TV fate. “There’s nothing I can do about it,” Barr said. “It’s done. It’s over. There’s no fight left.”

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