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Ronald Reagan Comes Back To Life At Presidential Library Via Virtual Reality

By  Joseph

Ronald Reagan is back — and just in time for the 2018 mid-term congressional elections.

On Thursday, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Ca., will unveil three holograms of the 40th president to the public.

In one new hologram, Reagan comes to life as he waves to a crowd from the back of a railcar. “We think we made a good beginning, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” Reagan says as balloons cascade down in front of him.

“We wanted to make President Reagan as lifelike as possible,” John Heubusch, executive director of the Reagan Foundation, told the Associated Press. “It’s a stunning experience.”

In two other holograms, Reagan appears in a suit and tie inside the Oval Office and in horseback riding pants, carrying a lasso alongside his dog, Victory, at his beloved ranch. All three holograms will be on display to visitors of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, west of Los Angeles, starting Thursday.

They will be shown in a specially designed room that will be the first stop for guests. Seats are set up in front of a stage, and a curtain opens up to thunderous applause at Reagan’s campaign stop more than three decades ago.

The holograms were created using a silicone cast of Reagan’s head, photographed from “various angles with 300 cameras. His head was then digitally ‘placed’ on the body of an actor portraying the president with full costumes and backdrops for the three scenarios,” the AP said.

“The library worked with the same special-effects technicians who helped bring singers like Michael Jackson, Billie Holiday and Roy Orbison back to life on stage.”

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