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Ron Perlman Slams Trump For Torching Obama’s Legacy. Adam Baldwin Heaps Fuel On The Fire.

By  James Barrett

With all of Hollywood’s resources going to gadzillion-dollar blockbuster sequels and prequels, a lot of actors have a lot more time on their hands, which means we get even more entertaining Twitter “activism” by formerly big names struggling to get back to the big screen. Enter Ron Perlman, who has recently embraced his inner Jim Carrey Twitterfury over all things Trump and not radical left.

In his most recent tweetstorm custom-made to please his fellow Hollywood liberals, Perlman put on his “tough guy” persona again and unloaded on Trump for having efficiently and effectively erased Barack Obama’s mysteriously easy-to-erase legacy.

“Yo lil donnie, know this… A black man beat you in every single f***ing department; better looking than you, better leader than you, bigger heart than you, better president than you, smarter, kinder, funnier, every f***ing thing you can measure. You only win one; disgrace.”

And he wasn’t done: “Ripping apart his legacy, dismantling the amazing improvements and protections bestowed on the people of this country might be what you need to make you feel like a man, but all it leads to is bankruptcy. Like everything else you touched.”

But as pointed out by the folks over at Twitchy, all it took was one simple question by one of the only conservatives left in Hollywood, Adam Baldwin, to highlight why Obama’s supposedly “amazing” legacy was so rapidly undone.

“How could he have ripped Obama’s legacy apart so fast if that legacy was constitutionally sound?” asked Baldwin.

As some of Baldwin’s followers note, those who live by the “pen and phone” die by the pen and phone. The legacy of an executive order has an expiration date: the day the new guy who doesn’t like that order is inaugurated.

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