Ron Perlman Tweets Picture Of Obama To Prove He Was Tough With Putin. Twitter Laughs.

On Wednesday night, actor Ron Perlman, a raving leftist who has made clear his disdain for President Trump while worshiping at the altar of former president Barack Obama, attempted to paint a picture of Obama being a tough guy vis-a-vis Russian president Vladimir Putin, as opposed to the supposed supine attitude of President Trump. Perlman resorted to tweeting a picture of Obama looking disdainfully at Putin while shaking his hand, as if the look connoted some real toughness on Obama's part. Perlman then asked people to caption the picture, after issuing another tweet with his own suggestion.

But Perlman forgot there are plenty of people who are not caught up in image-making and photo-ops, and live in the world of reality. He got a quick reminder that unlike Hollywood, real people could see through Obama's posing and understand how weak Obama truly was vis-a-vis Putin. Perlman started with these tweets:

That did it:

H/T Twitchy


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