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Rodeo Clown Values: CNN Anchors Want People Raped & 12-Year-Old Girls Exposed To Naked Men

We have known for, what, a couple of years now that when it comes to journalistic standards, CNN has none. This finally hit home for me as I watched in real-time as Jake Tapper sold his soul in the middle of a Ferguson street, doing everything in his power to reignite a race riot — a race riot, incidentally, where only struggling black people and struggling black property owners would pay the price.

In the months since, CNN has worked tirelessly to gin up even more race riots, have Donald Trump assassinated, and intentionally pushed more fake news than any other news outlet in history. And then, just this last week…

One of CNN’s biggest stars beheaded Trump (and was fired only after advertisers threatened to flee), the left-wing network’s international branch was caught stage-managing a politically correct protest, and Reza Aslan, the network’s resident cannibal, took to Twitter to declare President Trump a “piece of sh*t.” He later apologized with the lie that this kind of behavior is uncharacteristic of him when a cursory look at his Twitter feed proves that hurling vulgar profanities at Republicans is exactly like him.

Moreover, this CNN host and star wants his political enemies to get raped.

Yes, you read that correctly…

A CNN star wants people to get raped, literally raped, publicly calls for people to get raped, and








For its part, CNN claims “Reza Aslan is not a CNN employee.” I am not joking, CNN actually claimed that “Reza Aslan is not a CNN employee.” He does star in his own show on CNN, he does have a page at, but apparently he is a volunteer who works for free and who cannot be let go, even though he wants people to get raped.

And Aslan does not just have a show on CNN, he has a show on the exact same CNN that spent weeks successfully destroying the life and career of a nobody rodeo clown who dared to wear an Obama mask.

This is CNN, y’all.

Or maybe we should say it like…

Th isis CNN.

Get it? Get what I’m doing there? Get it?

And then there is Chris Cuomo.. Good ole’ Fredo… Now, before anyone gets mad, this isn’t a race thing. I don’t call him Fredo because he’s Italian. I call him Fredo because he’s stupid, the stupid brother, the Chaplisnky sibling who with a different last name would only be wearing a microphone and asking people questions at the Wendy’s drive-thru.

Anyway, Fredo is still employed at CNN, even though Fredo thinks there is something wrong with a parent who wants to protect his 12-year-old daughter from seeing a male penis against her will. (Hey, remember the good old days when “male penis” was redundant?)

So in summation, if you wear an Obama mask to the rodeo, CNN will destroy your life. But if you want to force 12-year-old girls to look at a penis or publicly call on people to be raped, CNN will give you your own show.

I wonder if these shows have sponsors? I wonder what the sponsors would think of sponsoring anchors who want people raped and 12-year-old girls forced to look at naked men against their will?

Maybe someone should look into this?

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