#FakeNews: CNN Caught Arranging Muslims As Backdrop

CNN International (CNNi) staged a backdrop of persons — presumably Muslims, including women in hijabs — during a Sunday news segment in London regarding the previous evening’s mass murder Islamic terrorist attack in the U.K. capital.

CNNi likely sought to hype a narrative of widespread Muslim opposition to the Islamic State (ISIS) and Islamic terrorism, more broadly.

Video captured by Twitter user @markantro shows CNNi's Becky Anderson directing the ostensibly anti-jihad Muslims to appear as backdrops for a live segment. Watch the event below.

Becky Anderson hyped the incident during her live broadcast, describing it as "wonderful" and "poignant." She did not ask any of the Muslims about the ubiquity of opposition toward Western values among their co-religionists.

Watch below to see how the segment was presented to CNNi's audience.

Dissident news media observers noted CNNi's conduct:

CNN's Brian Stelter, its premier "media reporter," derided dissident news media observers as "far-right" and as "bloggers:"

CNN news media figures regularly deny the overlap between Islamic terrorism, Islam, and Muslims. CNN “experts” and “analysts” regularly frame Islamic terrorism as function of economic determinism, pushing neo-Marxist narratives of alleged economic marginalization as a driver of Islamic terrorism.

“Islamophobia” is a term regularly deployed by CNN’s anchors, “experts,” and other contributors.

CNN presents itself as an objective and non-partisan news media outlet, marketing itself as "The Most Trusted Name In News."

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