‘Roadkill’: Kennedy Says Biden’s Energy Policy Reminds Him Of What His Beagle Brought Home

"He has embraced the woke, or berserk wing, of the Democratic party."
Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

Louisiana GOP Senator John Kennedy took a harsh shot at President Biden and his “America-Last” energy policy, likening it to roadkill that Kennedy’s beagle used to bring home and put under his porch.

Kennedy appeared on “Fox & Friends,” where co-host Ainsley Earhardt noted the regulations the Biden administration is implementing “to prevent any methane leaks here at home.” On Monday, the Biden Administration’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) proposed a new rule that would replace BLM’s current requirements governing venting and flaring, acknowledging it would cost the oil and gas industry roughly $122 million per year.

Earhardt pointed out that the Biden administration had no problem with the oil drilling in socialist-ridden Venezuela, a regime that is hostile to the United States.

On Saturday, the Biden Treasury Department announced it would soften U.S. sanctions on Venezuela, permitting Chevron to resume “limited” energy production in the country. American Energy Alliance President Tom Pyle ripped the Biden administration on Tuesday, blasting, “We’ve basically tracked about 125 specific actions that this administration and the Democratic Congress have done to slow down or stop oil production in America. He has an ‘America last’ energy policy.”

“How do you feel about that?” Earhardt asked about the difficulty the Biden administration makes for domestic oil companies. “It’s more rules for us and allowing Venezuela with this dictatorship to drill.”

Kennedy then gave a folksy analogy to describe Biden’s energy policy: “Ainsley, I used to have a beagle named Roger. And Roger was a rascal. About every two weeks, Roger would run off. He’d always come back but about half the time he’d come back dragging roadkill that he would hide under my back porch. President Biden’s energy policy looks like something Roger used to keep under my back porch.”

“It is a fact that America has the greatest economy, strongest economy in all human history; we can’t run it without fossil fuels, not today, not tomorrow,” Kennedy explained. “It is also a fact that through reserves in technology America can produce every drop of oil and natural gas we need and have extra left over to sell to our friends.”

Then he turned to Biden’s fealty to the hard-left wing of his party: “That presents a problem for President Biden because he has embraced the woke, or berserk wing, of the Democratic party and woke ideology says we have to get rid of oil and gas in the United States.”

He summed up: “So President Biden has developed a new energy policy and it is this: Instead of producing at a cheaper cost our own oil and gas in America, we’re going to buy oil from foreign countries that hate us — in this case, Venezuela — so those foreign countries will have more money to buy weapons to try to kill us. It’s a moron-athon.”

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