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RNC Releases Ad Highlighting Scandals From Obama-Biden Admin After Biden Claimed They Didn’t Have Any
COLUMBIA, SC - JUNE 22: Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden looks to his supporters after a television interview with Al Sharpton during the 2019 South Carolina Democratic Party State Convention on June 22, 2019 in Columbia, South Carolina. Democratic presidential hopefuls are converging on South Carolina this weekend for a host of events where the candidates can directly address an important voting bloc in the Democratic primary.
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The Republican National Committee (RNC) released a new ad on Tuesday afternoon that highlighted scandals from the Obama-Biden administration after former Vice President Joe Biden, currently the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party, has claimed on numerous occasions that the administration had no scandals.

The video highlights the following scandals from the Obama administration:

  • The administration’s response to the Benghazi attacks.
  • Former President Barack Obama being awarded the “lie of the year” for falsely claiming that “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it.”
  • The Obama administration’s IRS investigating conservative groups.
  • Sent pallets of cash to Iran, which is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.
  • Armed Mexican drug cartels with weapons that were used to kill U.S. federal agents.
  • Attempted to hide long wait times across the VA health system.
  • Funded Solyndra by giving the struggling company, which eventually collapsed, hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funded money.
  • Traded five terrorists for a U.S. soldier who “abandon[ed] his post in Afghanistan.”

“The Biden campaign, along with their friends in the media, repeatedly try to whitewash the scandal ridden Obama/Biden administration, but the American people know the truth,” RNC Rapid Response Director Steve Guest. “From the IRS investigating conservative groups, to sending pallets of cash to the world’s top state sponsor of terrorism, arming drug dealers, and lying about the Benghazi terrorist attack, Obama-Biden continuously put their political interests ahead of the American people and Joe Biden would do so again if given the chance.”


The examples highlighted by the RNC are by no means exhaustive as there are numerous other scandals that occurred during the Obama-Biden administration.

Another major scandal was the revelation that the Obama-Biden administration had “prosecuted more whistle-blowers for leaks and gone after more journalists than any of its predecessors,” according to The New York Times. By going after journalists, The Times is referring to the Obama-Biden administration spying on reporters and seizing their records.

There was also a bombshell Politico report, which most of the mainstream media largely ignored, that revealed that Obama killed a massive federal investigation into the Iranian-backed terrorist organization Hezbollah, which allowed the group to expand and continue to engage in trafficking narcotics into the U.S.

Currently, another scandal is being unraveled from the Obama-Biden administration that involved allegedly using law enforcement and intelligence agencies that Attorney General William Barr said last year amounted to “spying” on the Trump campaign. In an interview with CBS News earlier this month, Barr said that he believes that the activities that the FBI was engaging in “was not a legitimate counterintelligence investigation.” The criminal investigation, dubbed “the Durham investigation” for U.S. Attorney John Durham, is on going but is reportedly looking at a “pattern of conduct” that includes “a number of related acts” that targeted the Trump campaign. Barr has said that actions that were taken by Obama-era officials against the Trump campaign were “unprecedented in American history” and represented a “grave injustice.”

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