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RESISTANCE: Liberals Cry Tears of Joy After Quran Quoted At Oscars

Liberals on social media went ballistic after the Quran, the sacred text of Islam, was quoted during an award acceptance speech at Sunday night’s Oscars. The “woke” moment was celebrated by so-called white “progressives” who failed to see the irony in praising a 7th century Islamic religious text.

To be fair, many award-recipients praise God. Some even explicitly give thanks to Jesus Christ.

When the Syrian White Helmets, a brave rescue organization that gained notoriety for their efforts in saving children buried underneath rubble in war-torn Syria, shared a verse from the Quran through a third-party, it should have been business as usual. Winning the cinematography award for a film produced about the struggles in Syria, the White Helmets were barred from entering the United States after the Department of Homeland Security believed the organization’s members may pose security risks. Both the Assad regime and its Iranian patron believe the White Helmets are affiliated with Sunni terror groups. While this assessment should be taken with a grain of salt, it’s understandable why American national security experts would be ambivalent about allowing Syrian foreign nationals into the country.

The Syrian White Helmets’ story is impressive in and of itself. However, that’s not what social justice warriors and pro-Muslim activists chose to pay attention to. Instead, they burst into literal tears of joy after a pretentious-sounding British man appointed to speak on behalf of the White Helmets uttered these words from the Quran:

To save one life is to save all of mankind. (verse 5:32)

Undoubtedly, the sentiments evoked by this line are lovely. And yet, one line doesn’t justify or preclude a bevy of other, far more violent verses inciting hatred against Jews and sanctioning institutionalized misogyny.

Nevertheless, this cherry-picked line prompted a mass feeling of euphoria on liberal Twitter. It was as if the messiah galloped down on a white horse and bestowed the light of God straight into the awestruck eyes of a supposedly secular, white progressive audience.

Here’s a small sampling of the reaction elicited from liberal America towards a Quranic verse: