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Republican Senators Hit With Death Threats Amidst Kavanaugh Fight

By  Emily Zanotti

Republican senators are reporting a sharp uptick in threats of violence in the wake of a prolonged battle over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) and other members of the GOP’s Senate coalition reportedly met behind closed doors Tuesday to discuss how to handle threats to their families, staffs, and offices.

“There’s a lot of unprecedented activity taking place,” Corker told senators at the meeting.

“We’ve been through this in the past, but this is the worst it’s been since I’ve been here,” he continued. “I think we need to recognize that it’s not going to go away with the final determination of whether he’s is going to be on the Supreme Court. There’s something underlying there that we’re experiencing throughout the country right now that we’ve got to figure out a way to address.”

While threats against senators have become a routine occurrence in the Trump administration, some members of Congress say the behavior has become shocking and even dangerous over the last several weeks.

“The level of intensity is probably unlike anything I’ve seen in three and a half years,” Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) told local D.C. media.

Just this past week, several Republican senators, including Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Andy Harris (R-MD) have found themselves in heated confrontations with anti-Kavanaugh protesters. Harris was reportedly physically assaulted as he tried to shut the door on protesters in the hallway outside his office.

And anti-Kavanaugh protesters seem to have no intention of letting up. In a tweet today, Planned Parenthood outlined a plan to find senators who vote “yes” to confirm Kavanaugh, and a star-studded “#CancelKavanaugh” protest is slated for noon near Capitol Hill, followed by a march to the Senate office building. If Kavanaugh is confirmed, tempers are expected to flare even further.

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