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REPORTS: Hillary STILL Has Not Returned Money From Weinstein, Refuses To Answer Questions

Multiple reports indicate that Hillary Clinton still has not returned any of the money donated to her by Harvey Weinstein — who was fired from his own company over sexual harassment allegations — and refuses to even comment on the issue.

The Daily Mail reported Monday that Clinton declined to say if she will return money that she received from Weinstein. The donations from Weinstein include a $250,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation, a $30,000 donation to the Hillary Victory Fund (maximum allowed), and a $5,400 donation to Hillary Clinton’s campaign (maximum allowed).

“The Clinton Foundation, which has received up to $250,000 from Weinstein, has not responded since Friday to multiple requests from the about whether Clinton will return the money received by the foundation or her political campaign,” the Daily Mail noted.

The New York Times documented the explosive list of accusations against Weinstein on Thursday, which ranged from asking a female assistant to massage him while he was naked, to masturbating in front of a former Fox News reporter at a restaurant.

Despite the allegations against Weinstein, Clinton refuses to acknowledge the situation; her spokesperson has reportedly not responded to numerous requests for comment — even ignoring CNN:

Clinton’s silence has earned her sharp criticism from liberals as former MSNBC host and Democratic House candidate Krystal Ball called Clinton out on Monday:

The other major Democratic politician who has not come out and publicly denounced Harvey Weinstein is former President Barack Obama.