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Report: US Intelligence Telling Israel Not To Give Secrets To Trump … Or They’ll End Up With Putin

There are reports that Israel intelligence, unsure whether Russian president Vladimir Putin is in a position to blackmail president-elect Donald Trump, is greatly worried that Trump or his associates might be forced to reveal Israeli intelligence top-classified information, clandestine modus operandi or sources, to Russia, which would then forward that information to Russia’s ally Iran, Israel’s mortal enemy.

The Kremlin’s intelligence agents are closely associated with intelligence officials in Tehran.

Israeli and American intelligence officials met recently to discuss their concerns about the issue; Israeli intelligence officials reported that American intelligence officials were worried, saying they believed Russia President Vladimir Putin had “leverages of pressure” over Trump.

The Americans referenced the fact that once Trump is inaugurated, intelligence information that has been shared between Israel and the United States will be given to the White House and to the National Security Council (NSC), which is subject to the president. The Americans warned that Israel should be reticent about sharing intelligence information until it is clear Trump cannot be extorted by Putin.

The U.S. and Israeli intelligence became much closer during the tenure of President George W. Bush; as they shared efforts to target Iran; as Ynet News reports, “In 2008, the intelligence cooperation between Israel and the US received a sort of authorization in the form of an official agreement for comprehensive cooperation and exposure of sources and methods of action . . . The deep cooperation, which went on for years, led to impressive results, including the disruption of the Iranian nuclear program.”

But in 2013, when secret talks between the US and Iran over a nuclear agreement began, Barack Obama terminated any offensive activity against Iran.

Ynet adds:

In their meeting with their Israeli colleagues, the American intelligence officials were able to point to information included in the Snowden documents about specific highly secret American operations in Iran. The Americans are convinced that Edward Snowden handed the information over to the Russian intelligence – as part of the deal for receiving political asylum – and that parts of it were handed over to Tehran as part of Putin’s policy to increase Iranian dependence – not just Syrian dependence – on Moscow, all aimed at serving one final purpose: To restore Russia’s position as the influential world power in the region.

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