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REPORT: U.S. Funded U.N. Group Urged Children In Gaza To Join Riots

As Garrett Tenney reported for Fox News, according to journalist David Bedein, a school in Gaza that is funded by the United Nations Relief Works Agency urged the schoolchildren to join in the deadly riots on the border between Israel and Gaza. Not only that, but Bedein said the school is teaching the children that they have the right to claim the land of Israel by any means necessary.

A video provided by Bedeen shows an alleged student being asked, “Do they teach you about the ‘right to return’ at school?” The student answers, “Of course. We are taught how to defend our land, how to recapture the land.”

Another alleged student claims, “With Allah’s help, we will return to our village. What was taken by force will be returned by force with jihad and all its means.”

A third alleged student says, “We will liberate our land by all means necessary; by weapons, stabbing and car ramming.”

A fourth: “Non-violent resistance will not help. We need to use weapons; we need jihad to fight by all means.”

UNRWA told Fox it was not in any way organizing or participating in the riots in Gaza. Tenney reported that the U.S. gives over $360 million dollars to UNRWA every year, more than the next four countries combined.

Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn told FOX’s Caren Bream, “Congress needs to investigate further; Congress needs to get to the bottom of this.” He added that he had seen some of the textbooks used at Palestinian schools, saying, “It is horrible, This is incitement to violence. This is poisoning the minds of the next generation. That’s why we have these people going to the fence and getting killed. That’s why we needed the Taylor Force Act.”

In January, the Trump Administration confirmed earlier reports that it would withhold $65 million from UNRWA. As The Daily Wire pointed out at the end of December:

As PJ Media noted, the United Nations UNRWA’s funds help to train terrorists for ISIS: “Kids as young as seven are calling for the killing of Jews and are pledging their allegiance to ISIS in schools run by the UN. The documentary ‘The UNRWA Road to Terror: Palestinian Classroom Incitement,’ shows a clip of a Palestinian child who is a 13-year-old student at one of the schools run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency chanting ‘With Allah’s help I will fight for ISIS, the Islamic State.’”

In addition, UNRWA has featured “Nazi-like cartoons shared on social media by its staff and promoting terrorist-supporting flotillas and violence against Israel. UNRWA has also allowed Hamas — officially designated as a terrorist organization by both the U.S. and Canada — to use its facilities and has employed its members as staff.”

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