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Report: Universities Have Huge Preference For Liberal Speakers Over Conservative Speakers

A recent report from Campus Reform illuminates the astonishing prejudice on college campuses against conservative speakers and universities’ predilection for liberal ones.

Matthew Noyes, reporting for Campus Reform, found that at SUNY-Albany last year, “64 speakers identified as liberal were handed the podium, vs. just two conservatives. Many of the speakers were officials who’d worked in the Obama administration, including two Environmental Protection Agency regional directors and the head of Customs and Border Protection.”

Noyes also found that in 2016-17, the disparity at various colleges between liberal and conservative speakers was enormous: 44-4 at the University of Indiana, 30-9 at George Washington University, 9-2 at Alabama and 44-2 at Vermont.

As a New York Post op-ed noted, “A study last April by Brooklyn College’s Mitchell Langbert of 8,688 tenure-track professors at top liberal-arts colleges found that, of those enrolled in a political party, 10 times as many were Democrats as Republicans. Some 39 percent of the colleges had no GOPers at all.”

As Sandor Farkas and Grace Gottschling reported for Campus Reform in late May, liberal commencement speakers outnumbered conservatives by nearly four-to-one at 50 of the nation’s largest colleges in 2018.