Report Details Decades Of Teacher-Student Sexual Abuse Allegations In Chicago School District
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Hundreds of teachers in the third-largest school district in the country reportedly sexually groomed, assaulted, and raped students over a period of decades.

According to a new report from the Chicago School District’s Office of the Inspector General, over 600 “adult-on-student” misconduct allegations were filed with its office, and the office has substantiated more than half of them.

“At least 16 subsequent criminal charges have been filed against CPS-affiliated adults for sex-related crimes by prosecuting agencies,” the report states.

Among the cases involving criminal charges there were incidents like these:

A teacher allegedly groomed and sexually assaulted a 17-year-old student on three occasions. The report states that “when the student mentioned that she was going to disclose the sexual abuse, the teacher responded, ‘Please no……’ and ‘we’re talking about my entire life here……Please… I’m begging u….’”

A former JROTC staff member allegedly had sex with a girl and sent her text messages including one boasting, “I’m ready to f*** right now … I’m not gonna be gentle either.”

“The investigation also revealed that when the JROTC staff member became aware that he might be under investigation, he threatened to kill the student and her family if she disclosed the sexual abuse,” the report added.

A high school physical education teacher allegedly exposed himself to one girl, prompting staff members who were alerted to make excuses for him, with one saying that the claim had to be false because the teacher had a daughter of his own. A 15-year-old classmate of the girl produced evidence that the teacher had sent her photos and videos of himself masturbating and engaging in other sexual acts, the OIG said.

A high school substitute teacher allegedly engaged in kisses, sexual hugs, and backrubs, asking one student to recruit another student for a “threesome.”

An elementary school teacher allegedly touched a CPS student sexually between 1996 and 1999, when the student was approximately 11 to 14 years old, and spent the night in the student’s bedroom having sex.

A teacher who “had frequent boundary-crossing interactions with students outside of school, including hosting students at his residence, going with students to movies and sporting events, having meals with students outside of school, and driving students in his vehicle,” the report added.

A CPS charter school administrator “took a high school junior to a Broadway musical in downtown Chicago,” then allegedly “touched the student’s leg with his own” during the show and then “slid his hand down inside of the front of the student’s pants and touched his genitals” on the way home. 

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