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REAL MEN: Witness Says Men In Thousand Oaks Shooting Knelt To Block Shooter From Shooting Others

By  Hank Berrien

When feminists say they don’t need men to protect them, they might want to consider what happened on Wednesday night at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California, where at least 11 people were murdered in a mass shooting.

Among the crowd, which was largely comprised of students celebrating “college country night,” Teylor Whittler was celebrating her friend Nellie Wong’s birthday. She said that when the shooter entered and started shooting, a group of men got on their knees and turned their back to the shooter, blocking others from being shot. She said they were “ready to take a bullet for any single one of us.”

Whittler told “Good Morning America” what happened when the shooter entered the bar:

I was on the dance floor, dancing, and all of a sudden I heard the shots, I turned around, and I saw it was an actual person with a gun, and I couldn’t believe it at first, but my initial reaction was to run and take cover. So I took cover, a bunch of people dog-piled on top of each other. And after the first sound of shots it was silent for like, five seconds, and then a couple of guys next to me got up and started sprinting to the back door. Everyone just yelled, “Run, he’s coming!” There were at least 50 people that all tried getting up at once and running out the back door. I ended up getting caught in the ground and stumbled over by multiple people. I got hit in the head by a stool that was being picked up to throw through a window, until some guy came up behind me and grabbed me and said, “Get up, we have to go!”

Asked by GMA host Robin Roberts to describe how people were doing the best that they could, Whittler answered:

So while we were all dog-piled over at the side, there were multiple men that got on their knees and pretty much blocked all of us with their back toward the shooter, ready to take a bullet for any single one of us. And just the amount of people that made sure everyone got out okay, or if they were out, they made sure, they went around to every single person around them and asked them if they were okay and if they needed a phone to call their family, or just in general, any way they could help. It was awesome.

As The Daily Wire reported on Wednesday, a woman who gave her first name as Savannah said that two men carried her and her friend out through the window. She told ABC News, “A guy was able to throw me out the window. They had chairs and threw them out the window, and they were able to take me and my girlfriend out the window and carried us out here. I was able to get out, so I don’t know how long it was going on for, but it felt like at least five minutes. It probably went on for at least 10.”

Video from GMA below:

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