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IRRATIONAL: Palestinians Burn Metal Detectors In Effigy

By  Michael Qazvini

Decades of anti-Jewish (or as they call Jews in the West Bank “Yehud”) indoctrination has fanned the flames of anger and stoked an irrational hatred of anything and everything Israel does. Take the latest round of riots over the metal detectors installed at the Temple Mount. Israeli authorities added extra security measures after three Muslim terrorists defiled an Islamic holy site and smuggled weapons into al-Aqsa mosque. Those weapons were used to viciously gun down two Israeli-Druze police officers.

In an attempt to safeguard both Jewish and Islamic shrines and protect parishioners of all faiths, Israel placed metal detectors outside of the entrance to the holy sites in Jerusalem, a security precaution designed to prevent future terrorist attacks. Installing metal detectors outside of holy shrines is common in the Islamo-Arab world. In fact, Saudi authorities installed metal detectors outside of holy sites in Mecca, Islam’s holiest city, in an effort to ensure safety and security. But apparently when Israel does the same thing, it’s “incitement.”

For the last week, Palestinians have been going berserk over the extra security measure. Many consider metal detectors outside of al-Aqsa to be disrespectful. Others appear brainwashed, believing that the Jews will overtake al-Aqsa. These irrational sentiments, fueled by calculated indoctrination by the Palestinian leadership, has led to over a week of uncontrolled violence. Palestinian rioters have chosen violence over reason, succumbing to tribalism and anti-Jewish hatred.

A mob of irrational, angry Palestinian rioters have overtaken the streets near the Temple Mount, clashing with police and calling for more indiscriminate attacks against Jews. Groupthink is breeding barbarism.

The mob has no rational requests or demands. This is blind hatred, pure and simple. This is a mob that’s burning metal detectors in effigy to protest Israeli security measures implemented in the wake of a Muslim terrorist attack.

The Palestinian mob cannot have it both ways; it cannot call for the wholesale slaughter of Jews, promote arbitrary attacks against innocents, and demand violence in response to irrational fears rooted in conspiratorial thinking while also playing the victim.

Like the Saudis, and other Muslim nations, the Israelis have a right, even a duty, to place metal detectors outside of holy shrines to keep people safe.

Jews have a right to defend themselves, like any other people in the world. This isn’t up for negotiation.

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