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RAPE FREE ZONE: Germany To Have ‘Safe Zone’ For Women After Migrant Assaults In Past New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Following the horrifying events that took place in Germany during 2015 New Year’s Eve Celebrations, in which over a thousand women were sexually assaulted by migrants, planners of this year’s celebrations are setting up “safe zones” for women.

Initially, there was silence from German authorities about the events that transpired in 2015 before reports started to surface that a few hundred women were assaulted. However, several months later, documents were leaked that showed authorities believe approximately 2,000 men, many of whom were newly-arrived migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, sexually assaulted more than 1,200 women during the celebrations in several German cities, The Washington Post reported.

The BBC reports that hundreds of women were “attacked by gangs of men with migrant backgrounds,” which came after well over one million refugees descended upon Germany in 2015 from the Middle East and North Africa.

Security is expected to be tight for this year’s New Year’s Eve celebrations which will take place at Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate. Authorities have said that “large bags, such as rucksacks, and alcoholic drinks will be banned” at the event which will feature fireworks, various performers, and a safety zone for women. The Telegraph reports:

The women’s safety area is being established at the request of Berlin police. The tent will be set up near a plaza adjacent to the landmark tourist attraction, and manned by German Red Cross representatives.

A police spokesperson told The Telegraph that patrolling authorities planned to check in regularly with staff at the women’s safety tent and tend to instances of criminal offense.

Event Spokesperson Anja Marx told a German national broadcaster that the safe zone workers are trained to spot signs of women who are victims.

“There will be three to four (German Red Cross) helpers who are specially trained and can look after women who feel harassed or threatened,” Marx said.

Islamic terrorist attacks are also a major concern for German officials as the nation experienced multiple attacks in 2016 and thwarted attacks in October and November of this year.