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Rand Paul On Trump: ‘Every Day I Wake Up And Say, “It Could Have Been Hillary” ‘

By  Joseph Curl

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who ran unsuccessfully against Donald Trump in the 2016 Republican nomination battle, has been a bit of a thorn in the president’s side ever since.

Most prominently, Paul has battled Trump tooth and nail on health care. “Republicans across the country are unified on repeal, not on replace,” Paul said this week. But the two have actually battled for the last few years, with Trump tweeting in 2015:

But Paul hasn’t lost his perspective on the 2016 election. He may not be a huge fan of Trump’s, but he knows what America dodged when they elected him.

“I always compare. Every day, I wake up, and I say, ‘It could have been Hillary Clinton,’” Paul said on Fox News on Thursday.

“We could be at war in the Middle East because Hillary Clinton wanted to go to war everywhere, and she would be at war with American business. It could be terrible, and I think Trump’s doing a much better job than we would have gotten.”

While Paul has opposed Trump on health care, he still thinks the two are on good terms.

“I think the president and I have a good relationship. I’ve been one of his strongest defenders. I will continue to defend him against mainstream media attacks,” Paul said Wednesday on ABC’s Good Morning America. “But on issues of substance like health care, he knows where I’m coming from.”

Perhaps the two just have to hit the links again, like they did in April. Nothing like a few hours in a golf cart to patch things up.

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