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Protests Erupt In Major Cities Over Election of Trump: ‘People Have to Die’! [VIDEO]

By  James Barrett

In several major U.S. cities Wednesday night, protests erupted over the election of Donald Trump, with some of the rhetoric taking a disturbingly violent turn. In Los Angeles, where over a 1,000 leftists took to the streets, protesters burned an effigy of Trump and one vocal Latino woman openly called for a violent revolution.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter,” Latino protester Lily told CNN Wednesday night. “If we don’t fight, who is going to fight for us? People had to die for your freedom where we’re at today. We can’t just do rallies, we have to fight back. There will be casualties on both sides. There will be, because people have to die to make a change in this world. Trump, enough with your racism. Stop splitting families. Don’t split my family.”

Lily went on to say that “all races” are threatened by the election of the Republican and that we must “Impeach Donald Trump.”

In the streets and online, the mantra “Not My President!” is being echoed by the Left, many of whom have made clear that they will not recognize the legitimacy of the 45th democratically elected President of the United States.

While the protests Wednesday appear to have gone off generally without incident, the 2016 election has been marked by an alarming uptick in violence, particularly from the radical Left, which openly espouses such actions. Trump supporters were frequently attacked, city streets dangerously blocked to protest the Republican, and many protests turned to outright riots, resulting in businesses being looted and vandalized and police and innocent bystanders injured. In other words, Lily’s call for people to “die” as a consequence for the election of Trump, though deeply disturbing, is not at all surprising.

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