New Mexico Officer: Anti-Trump Protesters Created 'Gauntlet of Hate'

The radical left showed its true colors once again Tuesday night. Outside a Donald Trump rally in Albuquerque, NM, hundreds of protesters – many waving Mexican flags and declaring "Viva Mexico!" and "F*** Donald Trump!" – created what one police officer called a "gauntlet of hate" through which Trump supporters, including women and children, had to walk while be taunted and assaulted by the increasingly dangerous mob.

"What started as a calm protest outside Donald Trump’s rally Tuesday erupted into fiery violence as protesters jumped on police cars, smashed windows and fought with Trump supporters and police," reports the Albuquerque Journal.

The situation got so out of hand that police had to call in reinforcements to handle the upwards of 600 protesters. The rioters lit Trump merchandise on fire, hurled burning shirts and other objects, including bottles, rocks and lit firecrackers, at officers. According to police, by the end of the night, multiple officers were injured and at least one protester arrested.

The Albuquerque Journal describes the buildup to the chaos:

Protesters started gathering at about 4 p.m. and held a family-friendly tone for a while until Trump supporters started walking along a sidewalk adjacent to the protest area. It tuned into what one police officer called “the gantlet of hate” as protesters threw water and water bottles and waved signs while yelling angrily and often yelling profanity and aggressive taunts. ...

“Socialism never, capitalism forever,” one Trump supporter yelled at the protesters.

And some passing supporters told the protesters to “go back to Mexico.”

Others passing through the gantlet felt scared and intimidated including kids whose mothers covered their ears as they walked by protesters.

Eventually police had to re-route Trump supporters to protect them. However, by around 7 pm, the protesters broke through the police barrier, surging toward the doors, and rushing toward the mounted horse unit. One of the horses reportedly fell down and appears to have been injured.

After the rally let out, things got worse. Leftist protesters threw bottles and flaming shirts at Trump supporters, stomped on police cars, and yelled racial taunts.

"Scared children clung to adults weaving through the chaos," reports the local news outlet. "Two young men helped an older woman navigate the danger as she plugged her ears while engines revved and horns honked."

But, according to the left-leaning media, there's nothing to see here; it's just "low-key violence."

Here's some additional footage of the chaotic scene:


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