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Protesters ‘SWARM’ Tehran’s Grand Bazaar, Shout ‘Death To Palestine,’ ‘Death To Dictator’

By  Emily Zanotti

Protesters have taken to the streets in Tehran, Iran’s Grand Bazaar, shutting down shops in a massive rally designed to bring attention to the country’s failing economy.

Unlike previous protests which took place mostly among the economically under-privileged outside of Tehran, Monday’s protests occurred right at the city center and involved many of the city’s merchants who are decidedly middle-class Iranians fed up with the Mullahs.

Security forces attempted to control the mob with tear gas and Iranian officials denied the protests, but enterprising Iranians were able to upload videos of marchers crowding the Grand Bazaar and even demonstrating on the steps of parliament.

The protests appear to be largely organic, spurred on by the Iranian currency’s sudden, steep drop in value against the dollar, even though, The Washington Post reports, the government has tried to “control the currency rate.” The drop leaves Iranians destitute and faced with clear-cut evidence that their country is close to economic ruin.

“Iranians are fed up with the regime and its both factions,” Saeed Ghasseminejad, an Iran research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies told The Washington Free Beacon. “Over the last year, dollar appreciated 140 percent against rial. The regime is selling oil to fund terrorist groups and its military adventures in the region while Iranians become poorer and poorer every day.”

But although most major Iranian media outlets are focused on the economic angle to the protests, there appears to be a political angle, fostered by the Iranian regime’s focus on foreign wars over care for its own domestic economy. Alongside shouts to close stalls, “strike,” and cease trade in solidarity against the government, are calls to dethrone Iran’s Mullahs, calls for Iran to leave Syria, and even mind-boggling calls to cut ties to Palestinian terror groups.

The protests are said to be the largest in the country’s capital since the “Green Revolution” in 2009, and are “gaining steam.” Some experts indicate that it could be a “survival crisis” for Iran’s regime, though still in its infancy.

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