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Protester Holds Up Communist Flag At Trump Rally. Watch What Happens Next.

A protester disrupted President Donald Trump’s Tuesday rally in Youngstown, Ohio, while displaying a Soviet flag.

The presumably leftist protester, a young man wearing a “Hopeless” T-shirt, held the large flag up, causing a stir around him. Eventually, one of the Trump fans from a few rows back snatched the flag from the disrupter. The young man then moved up toward the guy who took the flag and the two appear to struggle over it, though exactly what was taking place is unclear from the video. That’s when security grabbed the protester and forcibly escorted him out of the rally amid chants of “USA! USA!”

View the moment below:

The hammer and sickle are workers’ tools, symbolizing communism’s ostensible reverence for the “working class.”

Trump’s rally was interrupted several times by coordinated leftist agitators, with an earlier disrupter holding a sign directing people to, a communist website.

Video below:

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