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Progressive Sweetheart J.K. Rowling Attacked By SJWs Over Her ‘Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism’

It doesn’t matter how “woke” you are, you may never be woke enough for some progressives — a lesson “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling is apparently learning the hard way.

Rowling is, of course, a dedicated progressive. She regularly tweets about politics — and angrily at President Donald Trump — and has gone out of her way to re-adapt her masterpiece to more “woke” times, introducing LGBT characters and playing around with ethnicities and genders to satisfy an increasingly progressive “Harry Potter” fandom.

But Rowling isn’t perfect — at least not anymore. According to several progressive websites, including feminist nerd rag, The Mary Sue, Rowling’s recent wokeness is just a thin veneer for radical right-wing beliefs, and she’s just barely hiding her intolerance beneath the surface.

Social justice warriors were able to pull back the mask this week, though, after a Twitter account called “Trans Advocate” demonstrated that Rowling followed a number of “TERFs” on Twitter — or “trans-exclusionary radical feminists.”

TERFs are a thorn in the side of gender progressives in the U.K., largely because they contend that if traditional notions of gender are wiped away, the protections feminists — and especially lesbians — have worked toward for women have all been in vain.

The sentiment is a familiar one: plenty of female American athletes, especially, have complained about how male-to-female transgenders have upended women’s sports. TERFs see the problem writ large.

And J.K. Rowling is, apparently, one of them, according to Indy 100.

“A Twitter account called Trans Advocate, which also has a website dedicated to providing resources about transgender rights, uploaded a snapshot of people who Rowling follows, one of whom is Magdalen Berns, a self-professed ‘monotoned boring transphobe [sic],'” Indy reported.

Berns is credited with leading the TERF movement, Indy says, and has been vocal about the idea that “trans women are men.” She’s also a free speech advocate.

“Let’s stand up for ourselves and stop being weak because this nonsense is seeping into legislation and policy and you will lose your rights to even speak about yourself,” Berns wrote. “And you will lose your rights to be a lesbian and you will lose your rights to speak about an issue that predominately effect women [sic].”

That isn’t the only sin for Rowling, according to The Mary Sue. Rowling also “followed Fionne Orlander, a transwoman who also identifies as male and spouts and retweets a lot of transphobic awfulness. She also followed Julie Bindel, who has written extensively for years against transgender civil rights.”

Rowling only follows around 650 accounts, so whom she follows counts, The Mary Sue says. And she follows accounts that are hostile to transgender individuals.

Rowling has been in hot water for following TERFs before. Last year, she “accidentally” liked a tweet from a trans-exclusionary radical feminist, and her representatives made a ham-fisted excuse for Rowling’s temporary lack of wokeness, telling social justice warriors who complained that Rowling “had a clumsy and middle-aged moment” and that she liked the tweet because she was “holding her phone incorrectly.”

SJWs were, at that point, willing to forgive. Now they aren’t. And Harry Potter and his friends may be the victims.

“[I]f this sort of behavior upsets you, you don’t have to alter your past, but it’s probably worth thinking about your present and future. Meaning, what and who we choose to give our money to makes a difference, and we have the ability to, as they say, vote with our wallets,” The Mary Sue wrote earlier this week.

“If we buy the new books, see the new movies, play the new games, or buy the new merch, we’re not just giving money to a TERF (although we are doing that too). We’re giving money to someone with a gigantic platform who is serving to normalize transphobia for her audience, many of whom are young people,” they continued.

That’s tough news for Rowling who has more “Harry Potter” movies coming out next year.

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