‘Pretty Surreal’: Chris Pratt Drops Video From 2 Years Ago After Pitching ‘The Terminal List’ To Amazon Prime

US actor Chris Pratt arrives for Marvel Studios "Thor: Love And Thunder" world premiere at the El Capitan theatre in Los Angeles, June 23, 2022.
VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

Chris Pratt definitely got everyone’s attention Friday when he dropped the video he made two years ago after pitching “The Terminal List” to Amazon Prime, and promising it would be the “very best show” on TV.

In the clip shared on Instagram by the 43-year-old actor, Pratt titled his video “Chris’ original pitch video 2/19/2020” as he thanked Amazon for giving him the opportunity to come and pitch what’s “going to be the very best show on television.” He was onto something: The series based on the Jack Carr novel has become a monster hit with audiences on the streaming site, despite critics trying to slam it as “anti-woke” and more, as The Daily Wire previously reported.

“Pretty surreal watching this back – over 2 years ago I pitched #TheTerminalList to @primevideo,” the “Jurassic World” star captioned his post. “My buddy Jared Shaw brought @jackcarrusa’s book to me and I immediately knew that this had to become a TV series.”

“It not only gave me the opportunity to grow as an actor, but as a producer as well,” he added. “Thanks for watching @terminallistpv!”

In the clip, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star talked about how he has “so much faith and belief in this project” and that he believed it was better suited as a streaming series than for the big screen. Pratt’s opinion initially ran counter to that of Carr and Pratt’s own pal, ex-Navy SEAL pal Jared Shaw.

“Originally Jack [Carr] and Jared [Shaw] thought that this would be a really great film,” the superstar actor explained. “But I think it’s better suited for television.”

Pratt said that it would be better to tell the story over 10 hours as compared to a “an hour and a half.”

“And it’s so important to both of us [he and executive producer Antoine Fuqua] that we remain true and authentic to our Navy SEAL community, our friends,” the Marvel star shared. “That when they watch this they go, ‘Hell yeah.’ I’m excited to do it. I hope you like it. Lots of love. God Bless you. Talk to you soon.”

Carr recently reacted to “triggered critics” who have trashed Pratt’s new Amazon series and made it clear it wasn’t made for them.

“The 95 percent viewer rating, audience rating, makes it all worth it,” former Navy SEAL Carr shared. “We didn’t make it for the critics. We made it for those in the arena.”

“We made it for the soldier, sailor, airman, and Marine that went downrange to Iraq and Afghanistan, so they could sit on the couch and say, ‘Hey, these guys put in the work. They put in the effort to make something special and make a show that speaks to them,'” he added. “And that 95 percent rating lets me know that we at least got close.”

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