Prepper’s Dream: Highly Affordable, Decommissioned Island Fort For Sale
Bull Sand Fort, Humber Estuary, 2006. Aerial view. Standing one and a half miles from shore off Spurn Head on a submerged sandbank, it stands 18 metres high and 25metres in diameter. Bull Sand Fort and its twin Haile Sand Fort were built in 1914 to protect the mouth of the Humber from enemy attack. They were completed just as the First World War broke out. They were also used in the Second World War as anti-aircraft and anti-submarine defences. Artist: Historic England Staff Photographer.
English Heritage/Heritage Images/Getty Images

It’s a battle-tested dream for any prepper.

A World War I-era island fort off the eastern coast of England is going up for auction and could go for as little as $60,000. Bull Sand Fort, which boasts three floors, an observation tower, and panoramic views of the North Sea, is set to go under the hammer next Tuesday, according to the Daily Mail.

“A Grade II listed sea fort constructed between 1915 and 1919 for naval sea defence during World War One and used in World War Two,” reads the real estate listing.

The island fort, built around 1915 and roughly two miles off the coast of Cleethorpes, Lincsk, can house up to 200 people, has a basement, a jetty, and an artesian well fed by a natural stream below the seabed. It is also reinforced with concrete and built to stand up to attack from the sea.

“The fort was constructed on top of a submerged sandbank by driving two concentric steel rings into the ground and depositing thousands of tons of chalk and rubble to form a firm foundation,” according to “The fort itself was a four-level, steel framed, circular structure reinforced by concrete and its seaward side was fitted out with 12-inches of armour designed to withstand gunfire from heavy naval units.”

But it is definitely a fixer-upper. The listing seems to hint it could be a money pit.

“In need of refurbishment throughout with potential for development or alternative uses, subject to consent,” it states.

The fort was only completed after World War I ended, but was used during World War II.

During World War Two, it was armed, besides the usual small and rapid-fire weapons, by four six-inch guns and two six-pounder guns, according to

It was decommissioned in 1956.

One issue that may scare off some potential buyers: It’s only accessible by private boat.

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