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PRAGERU: The End of Women’s Sports
Selina Soule

PragerU’s latest video features Selina Soule, who was one of the top five female high school sprinters in Connecticut — until competing against biological boys changed the game. In the video, released Monday, the sprinter speaks about the issues facing women in competitive sports that allow biological males to compete.

Soule begins by describing her initial path to sporting success, speaking of “training to be a championship sprinter since I was eight years old,” achieving her objective “with the help of my parents, my coaches, and my teammates.” However, everything changed at the state championships one year, when two “biological boys who said they were transgender girls” took first and second place, “dominating the field.”

After a journey through what it took to achieve her success, Soule states that the two biological males who took the top two spots in the women’s events “were not even good enough to qualify them to compete in the state championships on the boys’ team.” Soule references the same disparity when speaking about her inspiration, Allyson Felix, the “fastest female sprinter in the world.” Citing 2018 data, Soule notes that Felix’s lifetime best of 49.26 seconds in the 400 meters would be beaten by “nearly three hundred high school boys in the U.S. alone.”

After laying out the facts regarding the seemingly “insurmountable advantage in strength and speed” due to significant “biological changes that males go through during puberty,” Soule then argues that this issue is far greater than who gets to take home which trophy:

When biological boys are allowed to compete against girls in sports like track, where the differences in performance are so great, we are talking about girls getting shut out — never getting the chance to win, or even compete at all.

Speaking of losing “the opportunity to participate at the New England championships,” thereby losing “the chance to be scouted by top coaches, possibly even to win scholarships,” Soule goes on to warn about the impact this can have on the sporting careers of other girls.

The reason that we have girls’ sports in the first place is to give female athletes with talent, hard work, and dedication an equal opportunity to shine and be recognized. But girls will never have that opportunity if they are forced to compete with biological boys in sports like track and field, softball, volleyball, or basketball.

Soule concludes by condemning the treatment of girls who object by pointing out “the truth that biological differences in strength and speed between boys and girls are massive and real”: “Administrators, teachers, coaches, and other students tell us to just keep quiet and take it. We’re told a girl’s place is to be seen and not heard.”

But Soule promises not to be silenced, and explains that she and two other top female runners in Connecticut have “filed a federal lawsuit under Title IX to protect the rights of women and girls to a fair competition on a level playing field.”

The video ends with a simple call for equality. “Please don’t turn your backs on us, America. This isn’t about gender identity,” she says. “It’s about fair play.”

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