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Portland Rioters Storm Man’s Home While Fleeing Police: ‘Get The F*** Off My Property!’
PORTLAND, OR - AUGUST 1: A Portland police officer jumps a fence to pursue a protester through suburban streets after dispersing a crowd of about 200 people from in front of the Multnomah County Sheriffs Office on August. 1, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. Protest actions spread to East Portland on Saturday as federal officers began a phased withdrawal from the more central located U.S. courthouse.
Nathan Howard/Getty Images

Rioters attacked a Portland police building in a residential neighborhood on Friday night and stormed onto people’s private property when law enforcement officials repelled their attack and flushed them out of the area.

Journalist Andy Ngo, who testified before Congress about Antifa violence this week, tweeted out a video of the Portland Police chasing the rioters through the neighborhood, at which point they began to go onto people’s private property, where their homes were located, in an effort to evade law enforcement.

One homeowner came outside and repeatedly yelled at the rioters, who were trespassing on his property, telling them: “Get the f*** off my property!”


The Portland Police Department released a statement documenting the night’s violence from the rioters, who they said approached the Kelly Building at roughly 10 p.m. at which point the Portland Police Department warned the crowd to stay off the property or they would be arrested. People refused to leave, were arrested, and during the arrests, rioters threw rocks at police officers.

“As this criminal activity occurred, the crowd also blocked all lanes of traffic on East Burnside Street, not allowing vehicles to pass by. Several people in this group wore helmets and gas masks as well as carried shields,” the department said in a statement. “Because of the criminal behavior occurring in the group, public address announcements were made declaring the event an unlawful assembly.”

Later in the night, “certain members of the group began taking concrete pieces off of a retaining wall nearby the Kelly Building. These people then smashed the concrete on the ground into smaller pieces which were thrown at officers,” the department continued. “Certain people in the crowd shined lasers at officers, which can cause permanent eye damage. Several public address announcements were made regarding this criminal behavior, however it continued for a couple more hours.”

The department said that certain rioters wore ballistic body armor, and that at least one was arrested for shining a laser at a law enforcement helicopter.

“At 12:10 a.m., individuals in the crowd gathered outside of the Kelly Building began throwing or launching frozen or hardboiled eggs, rocks, and commercial grade fireworks at officers positioned in the parking lot. This ongoing criminal activity created an extremely dangerous situation,” the department continued. “As the officers dispersed the crowd, rocks, bottles, and explosives were continually launched at officers. Because of the danger posed by these projectiles, officers used crowd control munitions as they moved the group. Pool noodles were filled with nails by members of the group and placed on the roadway in an effort to damage police vehicle tires. One police vehicle suffered extensive tire damage.”


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