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Poll: Trump Down 11 Points

By  Hank Berrien

Another new poll finds Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump has soared into double-digit range.

The new PRRI/The Atlantic Survey, conducted from October 5-9, found 49% of likely voters said they currently support or lean toward supporting Clinton, only 38% felt the same way about Trump. The gap between the two candidates has exploded; only two weeks ago the poll found Trump and Clinton tied at 43%.

The shift among independent voters has been immense in the past week; last week they favored Trump 44%-36%; the new poll found Clinton leading Trump 44%-33%. That amounts to a massive 19-point surge for Clinton.

Among white voters Trump narrowly led Clinton, 45%-41%, but non-white voters overwhelmingly favored Clinton, 72%-17%. Even among white voters there was a split between college-educated voters, 53% of whom favored Clinton, and non-college educated white voters, 52% of whom favored Trump.

Trump’s support among women has plummeted; only a paltry 28% of women said they would vote for Trump. He has dropped five points in one week among women; 33% said they would vote for him last week.

61% of women said they would vote for Clinton. Trump held a lead of 48%-37% among men.

White females prefer Clinton, 52%-35%; 68% of white female voters support Clinton; only 29% support Trump. Non-college white female voters are divided equally between the two candidates, at 40% each.

White males prefer Trump, 57%-29%. Trump holds a small advantage among college-educated white males, 46%-39%; among white mals lacking a college degree he leads 65%-22%.

Despite recent revelations, 65% of white evangelical voters support Trump, but among white mainline Protestants voters split equally between the two candidates at 42%. White Catholics preferred Clinton, 46%-42%. Among Catholics of all colors, Clinton had a commanding 55%-34% lead.

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