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Poll: How Many Americans Back Trump’s Muslim Ban?

By  Michael Qazvini

A new study finds that a shocking 50% of American voters support a temporary ban on all Muslims traveling to the United States. The percentages vary across party lines. 71% of Republican voters support the ban, only 34% of Democratic voters do. Notably, 49%, nearly half of all independent voters, support the proposal, according to the new Morning Consult poll.

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump initially floated the controversial plan at a campaign speech several weeks ago. Since then, he’s been on the receiving end of accusations of Islamophobia and racism from the Left and even some on the Right.

Not surprisingly, the plan to ban Muslims from entering the country draws the largest support from Trump fans. 84% of those voting for Trump support the plan. 65% of Ted Cruz supporters and 48% of John Kasich supporters also agree with the proposal.

Only 37% of all Hillary Clinton voters support the Trump-contrived plan. The number is even less with Bernie Sanders supporters. Only 27% of Bernie voters support the idea.

The poll, released Monday, also looked into the popularity of other national security proposals touted by the presidential candidates. Specifically, 49% of all American voters agree with Ted Cruz’s idea of patrolling predominantly Muslim communities more vigorously. A healthy majority of 70% of all Republican voters agree with the idea, while 46% of independents do as well.

In the wake of the Brussels attack, voters listed security among their top concerns, supporting a whole range of stricter measures, including increased airport security and tougher surveillance on likely terrorists.

“Tuesday’s poll also showed that an overwhelming majority of voters support requiring tech companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook to give the government access to their personal data to support U.S. national security interests,” reports The Hill. “Seventy-six percent also thought companies should help the government in investigations related to terrorism and in monitoring the accounts of people suspected of being terrorists.”

The polls bode well for Republican candidates pushing for tougher measures this election season to combat Islamic terrorism. While the Left and its liberal-leaning media parrots sound the alarm about the “tone” of the Republican party and its slate of candidates, the American people seem to be on board with a harsher tone and a clear-eyed course of action against radical Islam. After over seven years of the Obama administration even refusing to use the words “radical Islam,” let alone do anything about the jihadist disease, Americans have had enough. They’re ready to drive a stake into the heart of radical Islam once and for all.

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