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POLL: Biden Would Swamp Trump If 2020 Election Were Held Today

A new poll finds that if the 2020 election were held today, former Vice President Joe Biden would handily defeat President Trump. Biden has been coy about a prospective run, telling NBC’s “Today”, “I’m not closing the door.” He also has expressed regret at eschewing running in 2016.

The November 9-11 Morning Consult/Politico survey, which coincided with the launch of Biden’s tour for his new book, “Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose,” showed Biden getting 46% of the vote to Trump’s 35%. Interestingly Biden was even more popular with those who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 than with those who voted for the Obama-Biden ticket in 2012. Clinton voters favored Biden over Trump by a whopping 85%-3%, while Obama voters favored Biden 73%-12%.

That might indicate that Clinton voters are still smarting over her loss, with a concomitant hatred for Trump that surpasses anything those who voted for the victorious Obama might feel.

The poll also reflected that it might not matter just which candidate the Democrats choose to face Trump; the poll showed any generic candidate the Democrats might nominate leading Trump by a slightly larger lead than Biden: 48%-34%.

Again, Clinton voters were more fervent in their voting; an unnamed Democratic candidate received the support of 93% of Clinton voters as opposed to the 85% that would vote for Biden over Trump.

Among Obama’s 2012 voters, 79% preferred a generic candidate over Trump; 73% preferred Biden to Trump.