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Police, Counter-Protesters FAR Outnumber Marchers At D.C. White Supremacist Rally

Only a handful of white supremacists showed up to a planned “Unite the Right 2” rally Sunday in Washington, D.C., and counter-protesters and law enforcement far out-numbered protesters as they marched to the White House.

Politico reports that only 30 white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and other assorted “alt-right” figures arrived, via Washington D.C.’s public transportation system, for a march to Lafayette Square slated to begin around 3pm eastern time.

Counter-protesters and “anti-Fascists” began their own demonstrations much earlier, crowding the National Mall and D.C. parks in preparation to shout down the permitted Unite the Right 2 rally. They were left to make up most of the group’s march, with a thin line of law enforcement officials charged with keeping the peace between the two groups.

A few skirmishes broke out near the front of the march.

But if either side was looking for a fight, options were limited.

The Unite the Right group met in Lafayette Square for a “rally,” but it is expected to be short-lived. A storm is moving into the Beltway and should arrive by 6pm.

Among the counter-protesters were elements organized by ANSWER coalition, an international pro-Communist organization, and of course, Antifa.

They may prove harder to disperse.