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Planned Parenthood, NARAL Are Very Upset That The President Called Violent Gang Members ‘Animals’

Leaders of the abortion rights movement blasted President Donald Trump Thursday for daring to compare members of the violent MS-13 street gang to animals, un-ironically calling on the president to acknowledge that human beings have inherent dignity and deserve respect.

Both Cecile Richards, formerly the head of Planned Parenthood and NARAL President Ilyse Hogue spoke out against the president’s suggestion that MS-13 gang members shouldn’t be given special treatment under American immigration laws, apparently believing Trump was referring to all illegal immigrants as “animals.”

Hogue stepped foot into more bizarre territory, warning that dehumanizing even murderous individuals was the pathway to “very dangerous territory,” where more human beings might face dehumanization. Hogue is apparently unaware that her own organization fights for the right to murder innocent, tiny humans in the first three to nine months of their lives — definitely dangerous territory.

Both women’s respective organizations joined in the chorus without a hint of self-awareness.

Planned Parenthood called the president “hateful” for speaking out against a gang that is frequently accused of engaging in the sex trade, decapitating enemies, and committing brutal beatings and murders. At one point, MS-13 strung several of its victims from a highway overpass — all women, presumably members of the “Planned Parenthood family,” as it counts all people of a female persuasion among its supporters.

NARAL, like its leader, failed to recognize the irony in calling on the president to afford rapists and murderers “dignity and respect.”

As Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro suggested on Twitter this morning, perhaps they’d be better attuned to what the president means if they thought of each member of MS-13 as a 19-week old unborn baby.

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